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Disability Rights Ohio’s Board of Directors is crucial to the mission, vision, and operation of DRO. The Board is responsible for setting DRO’s strategic plan and advocacy goals while also providing oversight, ensuring DRO operates with the highest integrity.

Currently, 13 active and experienced advocates—including individuals with disabilities, family members of individuals with disabilities, and professionals—sit on DRO’s Board. Up to 15 members may sit on the Board at any given time, and federal law dictates that at least half of these members must be individuals with disabilities or family members. Over half of the Board’s current members are individuals with disabilities, and the remaining individuals are family members, advocates, or industry professionals. The Board’s composition also represents geographic and cultural diversity—members bring unique perspectives that reflect many of Ohio’s rich and varied communities.

The following individuals currently sit on DRO’s Board of Directors:

  • Bill Bauer, President
  • Susan Koller, Vice President
  • Matt O'Nesti, Secretary
  • Jordy Stringer, Treasurer
  • Kristina Kapp, PAIMI Advisory Council Chair
  • Jennilee Mohler
  • Tia Braun
  • Douglas Kidd
  • Mykal Leslie
  • Jeffrey Pollock
  • Norma Ramos-Prater
  • Amelia Whorton
  • TyKiah Wright

  • 2022 Board of Directors

Back Row: Bill Bauer, Jordy Stringer, Douglas Kidd, Mykal Leslie, Tia Braun, Jeffrey Pollock, Cecilia Hardy, Jennilee Mohler, Norma Ramos – Prater, Ronald Patton, Kerstin Sjoberg

Front Row: Amelia Whorton, TyKiah Wright, Susan Koller, Matt O’Nesti

Board members: Log into the Board Portal here.

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