#AdvocacyMatters: A Matter Of Appreciation

April 23, 2021 / #AdvocacyMatters

“It's a privilege to sit at the table with other advocates for Ohioans with disabilities and to have the opportunity to offer a voice to those our society has tried to silence.”
                    – Jenni Barnhart Mohler, President, DRO Board of Directors

As we wrap up this time of recognition in Ohio Volunteer Appreciation Week, it’s incredibly important that we stop, reflect, and appreciate the volunteer board members whose steadfast work keeps Disability Rights Ohio going. While their guidance and motivation is irreplaceable, it’s their life experiences that so often define and shape our work. One of the unique characteristics of DRO is the makeup of our board: Most have experienced life through the lens of a person with a disability or a relative of a person with a disability.

Because of DRO’s work, “some otherwise disenfranchised people with disabilities get to have a seat at the table and have their voice heard,” DRO Board Member Jordy Stringer explained. “I'm overjoyed that the work of the employees at DRO have the ability to bring considerable change for people with disabilities.”

In wading through all the challenges that come along with leading a non-profit organization like ours, each board member’s unique story and background helps ensure that the core of our mission – advocating for the rights of Ohioans with disabilities – never slips from view. They offer the motivation and focus to push us through the good times, and the resiliency and resolve necessary to carry us through the challenges. Our work wouldn’t be possible without them. To all those who volunteer their time to improve the world around them, we appreciate how much #AdvocacyMatters to you.

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