#AdvocacyMatters: Coming into focus

October 7, 2022 / #AdvocacyMatters

“Passionate, compassionate, committed, and dedicated.” These three words came up time and time again throughout a recent visioning exercise completed by the DRO Board of Directors and leadership team. With a goal of updating and refocusing the mission, vision, and values statements of our organization, these exercises delved deep into exactly who Disability Rights Ohio is and what their goals and responsibilities are.

These new mission, vision, and values statements will serve as the North Star for our organization, creating a clear and focused touchpoint for everyone on our team, every ally, and every community member. This clarity will bring a better understanding of who we are and what we do, and will help shape and inform our path forward.

Our new mission:
To advocate for an equitable Ohio for people with disabilities.

Our new vision:
Voices elevated. People empowered. Equity achieved.

Our new values:
We believe that disability rights are human rights, and that people with disabilities should be free from harm, prejudice, and discrimination.

Those whom we represent — Ohioans with disabilities — direct all aspects of our organization.

We embrace our role to protect and advocate, and we are driven by a desire to see all Ohioans with disabilities flourish.

Our teams empower our constituents to make their own decisions, and to be vocal and determined in their efforts, even when systemic forces create barriers.

We recognize that people with disabilities have many identities and are often forgotten. We celebrate their uniqueness and seek to reduce disparities to ensure equitable resources for all.

The breadth and depth of our work can make it difficult at times to explain exactly what Disability Rights Ohio does. With these new mission, vision, and values statements, there is now a focused, common thread that unites our work and explains the results we are determined to achieve. At the root of this visioning, a shared belief that #AdvocacyMatters will continue to touch every aspect of what we do.

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