#AdvocacyMatters: Engagement for Empowerment

October 1, 2021 / #AdvocacyMatters

Our work is never rigid, and it doesn’t take place in a vacuum. As quickly as the world around us changes, the needs and issues that inform what we do takes on a constant stream of new forms. New obstacles appear as others are overcome, and victories so often give way an increased need for monitoring and advocacy. And while some themes and goals carry on from year to year, this year’s work was different than the last. The needs of our community in the next year are still coming into focus.

Earlier this summer, we set out to engage our community in discussions about the issues being faced today by Ohioans with disabilities. Through a detailed survey process and meaningful conversations with community leaders, an extraordinary amount of information was collected. With survey returns over 20% higher than the previous year and a reinvigorated focus on deep conversations with people who have different disabilities, their families, advocates, and other professionals, as well as those who could offer perspectives on youth foster programs, aging issues, immigration and refugee issues, and others, we are confident in the results of these efforts. With all this information in-hand, our team went to work.

Yesterday, we formally announced our fiscal year 22 Goals and Objectives. More than a simple data graph or checklist, this comprehensive plan will serve as a blueprint to ensure that our work, our outreach, and our very organization is completely aligned with the actual needs of the communities we serve. This new set of Goals and Objectives highlights DRO’s commitment to empower all Ohioans with disabilities through advocacy, support, and outreach. We encourage all our allies and supporters to read these new Goals and Objectives and join us in taking on these challenges. We know we can’t do it all on our own, but because #AdvocacyMatters, we’re encouraged that together this outline can help us all empower the community we serve.

You can view our new Goals and Objectives at disabilityrightsohio.org/goals.

To download a .pdf of our new Goals and Objectives, click here.

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