#AdvocacyMatters: Face to Face

August 26, 2022 / #AdvocacyMatters

In the complex world of advocacy, one of the biggest challenges can be making direct connections with those who wield the power to shape policy. A brief face-to-face encounter can often do more in generating true understanding than a lifetime of letters, emails, and phone calls.

In partnership with Centers for Independent Living, we are proud to be organizing a series of events over the next few months where advocates can meet their US representatives and their surrogates directly. Covering the Akron, Cleveland, Dayton, and Cincinnati areas, these events will allow advocates with different backgrounds, experience, and viewpoints to connect with those charged with representing them.

“Getting involved in federal politics can often feel out of reach. Our representatives are all the way in D.C., but each representative has multiple in-district offices. Meeting with these local offices is a great way to build a relationship with the representative and share information important to our communities,” said Alexia Kemerling, DRO’s Community Engagement Coordinator.

These events kick off next Monday, August 29th, in Akron, and continue through late October. Each event will be fully accessible, with ASL, live captioning, and plain-language materials available. You can learn more about the dates and locations here.

“These meet and greet events are exciting because it's a reminder that we are stronger, and louder, together,” Kemerling added. “With Disability Rights Ohio, Centers for Independent Living, and disabled advocates around the state pooling our resources and knowledge, each visit is going to make a lasting impression and meaningful impact.”

These face-to-face opportunities can help build relationships, successfully advocate, and achieve a deeper level of understanding… impacting and informing policy, and shaping a more equitable future. #AdvocacyMatters

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