#AdvocacyMatters: Thoughts and Thankfulness

November 24, 2021 / #AdvocacyMatters

The nature of our work is demanding. A constant stream of legal issues, investigations, trainings, and research keeps our small team very busy. This time of year, however, it’s important that we slow down enough to appreciate not just all that’s been accomplished in the past year… but also the support that made that work possible.

In a year when we found ourselves fighting not just for the legal and civil rights of Ohioans with disabilities – but for the very independence of our work – you kept us going. Not only did your encouragement, support, and partnership help to ensure that our work continued, but helped propel growth.

There’s no telling how different 2021 would have been without our supporters and allies. Reaching milestone after milestone in such a challenging year simply wouldn’t have been possible on our own. To those who helped us not just survive, but thrive, in 2021: Thank you.

Moving into a new year that is sure to bring new challenges, new obstacles, and new opportunities, we’re so grateful to have you by our side. It is with great excitement that we focus on the coming year and your partnership in moving Forward: Together.

Wishing you peace and happiness in the New Year.

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