#AdvocacyMatters: Your Right, Your Vote

August 4, 2023 / #AdvocacyMatters

We don’t yet live in a truly equitable society. Someday, though, we will, and that future can’t be reached without advocacy and progress. At DRO we are committed to realizing this future, in which disabled people are equal participants in society. Voting is a fantastic way to change our world for the better by strengthening our perspectives together.

The August 8th Special Election is quickly approaching and will have a massive effect on our state government. The proposed issue would require 60% of the vote instead of the current 50% majority needed to change the state constitution. Your participation matters!

As many polling locations are being changed throughout the state leading up to the August 8th Special Election, you can confirm your designated polling place at this link (https://bit.ly/ohpoll). If you’re unsure about whether you’re registered to vote, you can find that information here (https://bit.ly/3Yk3n7A). In addition, our new voting page (https://bit.ly/v0te) contains information on accommodation resources at polling places and a helpful voting hotline that will be live throughout election day. As we often say, “Nothing about us, without us,” and we are here to help you help us all.

We’re in an uncertain and polarizing time politically, which is why #AdvocacyMatters for securing the rights of marginalized communities. Voting is just one of many ways to advocate for a better future for us all. Vote today for a better tomorrow!

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