DODD seeking comments on proposed rule changes for waiver waiting lists

February 21, 2018 / waivers

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities has proposed new rule changes to the waiver waiting list system for people who want and need Medicaid home and community-based waiver services in Ohio. There are currently more than 40,000 people throughout the state on waiting lists for waiver services, and the Department's goal is to identify adults and children who most need these services. Those who do not need services now or within a year will then be removed. Under the proposed rule, county boards will have to assess people currently on waiting lists, as well as others who request assessments, and determine whether they have an immediate need, a current need, or neither.

For those with immediate needs (very similar to "emergency status" under current law), county boards would have to take action to ensure the person's needs are met. This could include enrollment in a waiver program, but there is no guarantee. People assessed to have a current need (an unmet need for home and community-based services within 12 months) will be placed on the new waiting list. Also, once an assessment is finished and a decision is made, the person will be removed from the state's "transitional waiting list." This transitional waiting list contains information about the person, including the date he or she first asked for waiver services (in some cases, this could be years or even decades ago). People will still be able to utilize the Medicaid state hearing process to challenge a decision regarding the assessment or removal from the transition waiting list. This may be limited, however.

Waiver services are limited to a finite number of people, so the way the Department decides the order of enrollment is very important.

DODD is also proposing rule changes that will alter waiting lists for non-Medicaid services and also has new provisions for Early Intervention services and the Abuser Registry.

Read the proposed rule changes to the Medicaid waiver waiting list system

Read the proposed rule changes to the waiting lists for non-Medicaid services

Read the current rule that would be replaced

People can express their concerns with this proposed rule by emailing Becky Phillips, administrative rules coordinator at DODD, by Wednesday, February 28, 2018. Her email address is

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