DRO comments on DODD's proposal to reassess waiting lists

May 2, 2018 / developmental disabilities

Disability Rights Ohio has submitted comments on a proposal from the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities that would reassess waiting lists for home and community-based waiver programs -- an effort called "Fix the List." This has been a very important concern to our clients and their families for years. DRO is concerned that the proposal does not do enough to fix the underlying problems with the current waiting list system. From our comments:

This proposed rule misses the mark. The focus should not be on managing those on the waiting list, but instead on fixing the system. Better pay, training and certification of direct service providers; expanding capacity of state funding for waivers, or at least a focus on equalization of opportunities for those in poorer counties; and ensuring that the long-term services and supports system offers real choice to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities with higher needs and their families all would eliminate the need to “fix the list.”

Read DRO's full comments

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