DRO submits testimony on bill to create database for people with communication disabilities

April 27, 2017 / legislation

Today Disability Rights Ohio submitted Interested Party testimony on Ohio House Bill 115, which would create a voluntary database of people with "communication disabilities," which could be accessed by law enforcement. Though the bill aims to improve communication between law enforcement officers and people with communication disabilities, DRO believes training is needed, as expressed by Executive Director Michael Kirkman in the testimony:

Extensive, comprehensive training, would help officers better identify and recognize the needs of people with disabilities and choose a more effective course of conduct (for example, communicating in simple, concise, easily understandable language with people with intellectual disabilities or others who have cognitive limitations). Training must also acknowledge that people with disabilities have varying, individualized needs, even amongst those with the same types ofdisabilities. People with all types of disabilities should be included within the training, and collaboration with advocacy groups and community-based organizations is vital.

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