DRO News Alert: New Legislation Could Have Dangerous Implications for People with Disabilities

The Ohio Legislature is moving very quickly on two proposed laws that would have a detrimental impact on Ohioans with disabilities, particularly individuals seeking medical care and employees with disabilities. Read more...

May 19, 2020Read More

TAKE ACTION: Protect Disability Rights Ohio's Independence

Ohio's budget is meant to make funding decisions, but instead, legislators decided to include a provision that retaliates against and intimidates DRO for its effective pursuit of the rights of people with disabilities. We work to protect those rights, including the right to live free of abuse and neglect, but... Read more...

May 21, 2019Read More

DRO submits comments on Ohio Senate bill that could negatively affect students with disabilities

isability Rights Ohio Executive Director Michael Kirkman recently sent a letter to state legislators working on Senate Bill 216, which intends to “deregulate” Ohio’s education system but could negatively impact students with disabilities. Read more...

December 6, 2017Read More

DRO submits testimony on bill to create database for people with communication disabilities

Today Disability Rights Ohio submitted Interested Party testimony on Ohio House Bill 115, which would create a voluntary database of people with "communication disabilities," which could be accessed by law enforcement. Read more...

April 27, 2017Read More

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